The time: early to mid 1990′s.  The situation:  Wax Trax was dead and DJ’s were still playing the same tired songs year after year.  New bands like Suicide Commando, Haujobb and :wumpscut: weren’t getting played, and a certain avid club-goer was bored shitless.  Having had enough, DJ Roy Miller AKA OMAC bought a Denon 2500-F, taught himself to spin, and took Atlanta by storm.

After a few early gigs such as Concussion and rotation at an early incarnation of Jsin’s Secret Room, a new night called Tyranny was started at the legendary 688 Club (AKA Weekends and Outta Control).  The promoters queried the music fans, and a resounding request was for DJ OMAC to take a helm.  With a night dedicated to good music, both old and new, a long love-affair with DJing had truly begun.

Past and current residencies have included Club Fetish at the Chamber, Secret Room, Cyberia, Electrohurtz, and Das Bunker Atlanta to name just a few.  His services in high demand, DJ Roy Miller has guested at such events as The World Horror Convention, Das Bunker (LA), Skin Two, and Nacht & Nebel (Ulm, Germany).

Over the years, DJ Roy Miller’s repertoire has expanded to include the best in electro-house, indie and clash.  As both a true music lover and someone who loves to dance, he keeps the dance floor moving and never loses sight of the fact people have paid their hard-earned cash to enjoy a party.  Prepare to be entertained…