Jan 2012 02

Emmon’s debut album, The Art & The Evil was one of my favorites on 2007.  The singles I heard from the second album, Closet Wanderings didn’t tickle my fancy, so I was pleasantly surprised at how good the third and newest album Nomme is.

“Hammerville Heights” is a great instrumental with a melancholy new wave feel.  “Ghost Dance”, which has a great video, is a catchy electro-pop number.  “Slottet”, which also comes with an official video, gets close to EBM territory.   “All Yours” is another favorite and has a somewhat future pop sound that I’m hoping to mix into some of my harder sets.  “Distance” has a great video, but I don’t feel it stands up to some of the other tracks.

You can listen to all the tracks on Emmon’s soundcloud page here:


More videos:

Emmon – Slottet

Emmon – Distance